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Your way to an optimized Work & Life Balance

What you need to start, is simply the will to do the first move!

We define appropriate steps, the content, the timeline and discuss related risks. For a comprehensive view on what is possible with hypnosis work and feasible approaches, please have a look on the Hypno-Potential Matrix.

Hypnosis - Horst-Schneider

“First step and “pool position” approach
(1 h approx.)

in order to identify possible approaches and discuss related risks if any. Also small exercises are recommendable in order to identify your susceptibility. In order to come to a good starting position respectively the “pool position”, the program will be compiled with the different steps including feasible intermediate targets – no costs involved. Costs arise with the hypnosis work.

Hypnosis work sessions

I recommend 3 to 5 sessions

depending on the situation and targets. The progress will be monitored, and the approach verified and changed where needed from session to session. One session (base unit) is up to 2 hours to assure enough time for all needed steps and alignments. This duration can differ significantly depending on the experience of the customer or the respective target.

Per hour (60 min) 150 EUR will be charged (taxes included).

I am happy to explain more if you have additional questions. Hypnosis work can be tailored for individuals, but also groups for the required situation.

The portfolio of hypno-potential.com is broader using also coaching techniques for leadership enhancement, which can be attractive also for companies.
In case needed other consultants with additional strengths and talents can accompany the process.

The places for the hypnosis work is ether the joint practice in the Linke Wienzeile 106, door 11 in 1060 Vienna close to “Naschmarkt” Vienna or in Lower Austria, 3550 Langenlois. Also other places can be discussed depending on customer needs or practical reasons (e.g. mobility requirements).

The “train the trainer” approach by Hypno-Potential.com

Success despite high expectations and enormous pressure to perform

You are using hypnosis as a teacher, manager, athlete, artist, working in a medical profession and/or you are exposed to high expectations and demands. You want to be successful, then the „train the trainer“ program of hypno-potential.com is the right step.

Per hour (60 min) 150 EUR will be charged (taxes included).

Your benefits:

  • Get distance and calm down.
  • Manage better expectations and performance requirements.
  • Easier and faster charge-up.
  • Get a second opinion where needed.


If you have any questions, please use the contact form or write me an email or just call me.